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About Us

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Akaybee Media Studios is a digital marketing and web design company in Pune. We are a group of tech savy developers, result-driven digital marketers and creative designers. We don’t claim to be the leading or top digital marketing agency in Pune, instead Akaybee Media is a humanized marketing agency which strives hard to boost your revenue by adding human elements to our marketing strategy.

In this digital age, a business can’t afford to not to use Internet for its growth. Even somebody had said, “ if your business is not on Internet, you don’t exist”.  With this, Akaybee Media is having a vision to help at least 100 businesses every year to make their online presence. Not only that, a result driven online presence is what we live for!

How Akaybee Media is different than others?

Though this is a digital era, we haven’t forgot the core basics. Digital is technology, it’s a tool. Core marketing is what fuels digital marketing. When we work with any client, we don’t just talk about SEO, Social Media, Google ads etc.

We talk about –

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

It’s all begins with this. Moreover, another thing which differentiates Akaybee Media from other agencies is Humanized Marketing! We at Akaybee Media are focused towards meeting business goals will human needs by understanding psychology.

Our Founder, Mr.Akshay Borate runs The Marathi Podcast which is India’s first Marathi language digital marketing podcast. He is a community manager of India’s biggest digital marketing community – ‘Learn Digital Marketing’. Also, he has published a book on Social Media Marketing called, “ Go Social – A Beginner’s Guide For Social Media Success”. His passion for marketing is the backbone of our company.

Do you want to grow your business?

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