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Learn the Social Media Basics or Lose Your Money!

Social Media is a technology. If you don’t understand how core marketing works, you are likely to lose money no matter how much courses you buy. In this book, I have explained the nitty gritty of social media marketing, that will skyrocket your performance.

topics Covered

How often do you use Social Media?

What is Social Media Marketing?

Introduction to Social Media Platforms

How to choose a social
media platform?

Content Creation

Setting Up your first facebook campaign

Who am I and What difference I am making?

Hey, I am Akshay Borate. I am a marketer and run a only humanized digital marketing agency in Pune, Akaybee Media Studios. 

As in, the author of Go Social – A Beginner’s Guide For Social Media Success is himself a business owner and not just a preacher. In the last one year we have worked with 50+ clients across the world. Having said that, I realized many business owners and digital marketers still lack the understanding of social media marketing.

Of course there are many people who sell courses and books, but what I have observed is that the majority of them only teach tools and tactics.  Social media is a technology. Anybody can run a Facebook ad by watching a YouTube video. But, if you don’t know your customer’s psychology as well as how each social media platform works, your ads won’t perform well. 

That’s why I decided to write a book on social media marketing that will educate business owners and newbie digital marketers about core marketing.

In this book, I have given some real life case studies that will make your learning experience even smoother.  

Moreover, once you finish reading this book, I am offering a 30 Mins Free Guidance Call.

All this in only 299 INR.

Free Bonuses from my side

Once you finish reading this book, let me know, and we will have a 30 mins free consultation call discussing your business!

Also, you will be the part of my exclusive Facebook community which has 1000+ members.

Akshay Borate

Readers say

As the name suggests, if you are looking to get started with Social media marketing and doesn't know where to start I suggest you start with this books. The entire book goes with a flow, simple English with lot of case studies. Great job by Akshay . Looking forward for such a book on Paid ads from you Akshay. All the best

Ragha Sudha

Social Media Marketer


Durvesh Naik

Founder, Digital Swarajya

If you don't know anything about digital marketing and you are interested in digital market without any hesitation you should buy it.
Great work by a emerging entrepreneur.

Abhishek Ranjan

Digital Marketing Enthusiast

Only 199 INR/-

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