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How We Generated 200+ Leads for an Educational Institute (Case Study)

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I am a huge believer of education and always love to work with education clients.

Last year, through the podcast (The Marathi Podcast) I co-host, we got this lead.

I knew that Team Akaybee make it happen. Hence I immediately gave my nod.

The work started, and within a month, we delivered 200+ high- quality leads.

Now I am writing this case study to showcase how we did it?

Note: Can’t share the name of a client due to NDA signed.

Challenges/Pain Points:

  1. That was a brand new Hotel Management Institute and looking to get admissions.
  2. Before approaching us, they were only leveraging traditional media like pamphlets, newspaper ads, etc. Though that was working to some extent, on the other hand, it was expensive.
  3. They also had worked with another digital marketing agency but got no results. I felt their founder’s anxiety during our conversation.
  4. They had no website.
  5. Now, the real challenge was to get cost-effective leads through digital marketing.

How Akaybee Solved These Challenges?

1) We started with the challenges/pain points, which you just read. Any marketing begins with understanding customer’s pain points. In this case, both the Institute and their potential admissions’ pain points.

2) The next step was to create a buyer persona. That was a hotel management institute, and we started research on who are their ideal customers/admissions/students? Where they live? What’s their age group? What’s their interest? And many such questions.

3) To find the answers, we –

  • Discussed with the founder and asked as many relevant questions as possible.
  • Conducted online surveys.

Based on the answers, we came to the conclusion that we had to target both who just passed the H.Sc exam and their parents.

4) There was not enough time for branding and awareness related activities as admissions had already started. Hence, we went with lead generation directly and chose Facebook and Instagram to run the ads.

5) We created two ad sets. One for parents and another one for students/children. For students, the age group we kept 18-21. We tested 18-25, as there could have a possibility to have a gap in some of the students’ careers. But it didn’t work. For parents, we went with 40-55.

6) Besides this, we tested multiple ad copies, such as longer, shorter, and vernacular language version. Also, activated CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization) to let the best ad copy and ad set win!

7) For creatives, instead of using stock images, we used real students’ photos (One batch has already started till then). We also asked for testimonials of students or parents, but as you see, the Institute was new, hence no scope for testimonials.

8) Students’ ad set outperformed parents’ one. Also, vernacular ad copy was winning.

9) Apart from the lead generation, we also tested the Chatbot ad.


The capacity of the batch was 60 students. We gave them 229 leads, and out of those, 5-6 converted. The point worth noting here is that the fee structure was 2 Lacs INR per student and the amount spent? 11,232 INR. Guess the ROI?

Digital Marketing is like an ocean, and we could definitely do many things apart from what I have listed above. But the main obstacle was time and budget. Even after this, we managed to deliver a successful project, and we are glad!

If you own an educational institute and not leveraging digital marketing properly, then you are committing a huge mistake.

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2 thoughts on “How We Generated 200+ Leads for an Educational Institute (Case Study)”

  1. May I know the name of the institute for which Ads were run?
    I would love to see the ad copies which you run for this particular case study.

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