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How We Made 4,20,000+ INR Nett Profit for Indian Education Client Last Month? (Case Study)

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Though I run a full-service marketing agency for multiple niches, education has always been my most favorite niche. If you notice, previous case study too belonged to education niche.

Having said this, when you do your favorite job you rarely fail. The same happened in this case.
In July 2020, this client (can’t disclose the name) approached me on LinkedIn. I got to know that he had previous bad experiences with agencies. He invested money in marketing and lost. Therefore, this time he was a bit hesitant. I set up a video meeting, and soon we started the project.


Business summary

Client is a Vedic maths teacher with more than 7 years of experience in the industry.
He used to run an offline institute but due to Covid 19 he decided to shift online.
He has two types of courses.

  • Recorded course.
  • Live training batch

Challenges/Pain points

1) As I mentioned above, he had already wasted a lot of money on other agencies, the main challenge for us was to win his trust. Because you need freedom to experiment and when a person has already lost the money it becomes challenging to convince him for new things.

2) Very minimal online presence. They had a decent static website which was blocked by Facebook. We couldn’t use that URL for ads despite requesting Facebook multiple times.

3) Lack of subject knowledge. Neither I nor my teammates had proper knowledge of Vedic Maths. When we call ourselves humanized marketing agency, we study every little thing. So, we did several meetings with client to understand the concept, also did research from our side.

4) Lastly, the performance pressure! We needed to show him good profits in the first month itself so that we could retain him. Retention would’ve allowed us more time for experiments consequently more profit in upcoming months.

How Team Akaybee Solved These Challenges?

1) We did frequent meetings with client. Also, personally I was constantly in touch with client over a call. I explained him how marketing works, also tried to understand his point of view. After a few days, we became good friends and his anxiety was also gone. That’s how humanized marketing works!

2) Next, we created the ideal buyer persona/target audience. For Vedic Maths, we had to target students who are preparing for competitive exams as well as teachers who would love to learn one more skill.

3) As mentioned earlier that his previous website was banned by Facebook, so we created a new website. Basically, it was an upsell! You see I had already won the trust of client, so he didn’t decline the proposal. And after all, it was a necessity for the project. So yes, this time we made an LMS website with WordPress and also hosted a recorded course. While writing landing page copies we made sure to highlight the benefits of both recorded and live training courses for target audience.

LMS used: LearnDash

Video hosting software used: Vimeo

Web hosting: MagicWorksHost Unlimited Hosting (Affiliate link)

4) Now the time for running ads. So instead of directly selling courses, we used a webinar funnel. Again, the confusion was whether to keep webinar free or paid. We tested both! Paid webinar got us limited registrations but the audience was quality. On the other hand, free webinar got us plenty of people but not all were serious as obvious. However, we went with a free webinar only. Because we needed data. We are also doing email marketing (Softwares used: Mailchimp and now ConvertKit). Besides this, we hired a Telecaller to pitch to people who attended the webinar but didn’t purchase the course. This also worked out well.


So the flow was/is like this –

  • Target audience sees the ad on Facebook or Instagram.
  • After clicking on ad, they land on WordPress landing page.
  • On landing page we have given multiple time slots.
  • After choosing the desired time slot, audience gets redirected to Instamojo page.
  • After signing up, they get redirected to Thank you page.
  • On Thank you page, we have embedded client’s video where he gives the instruction about what to do next.
  • Besides this, we have also given “ Join WhatsApp Group” option. Though we are using emails for reminders, our target audience is not tech-savvy. WhatsApp group has done wonders for us.


5) Facebook pixel has installed on website but we don’t run remarketing campaigns purposely. The reason is that we are doing free webinars and we get plenty of registrations for each webinar. No shortage of people at all. The real challenge to make registrants attend the live webinar. So, we majorly focus on that. This month we are also opting for SMS plan for reminder.

6) Now some people might think that why webinar? And why not directly run ads for course? Good question. But you see it’s all about winning trust. Webinar is like a demo of teaching. Audience gets to know the teacher, his teaching method, and other details. If a Facebook ad ticks awareness and interest boxes, webinar ticks the decision making!

7) We ourselves attended the webinar multiple times and suggested changes to client! Few more time, and we got settled with final webinar (not recorded, live only)

This much amount we spent on ads during the period of 1st July 2020 to 30th June 2021.


fb dashboard
Unfortunately, I can’t share all revenue screenshots as we use multiple payment methods to receive payment such as Instamojo, GooglePay, PhonePe. However, I am at least sharing an Instamojo screenshot, otherwise, people will think I am lying lol!

The profit(not revenue) we made month by month is below –

July 2020 – 43,600 INR Total revenue: 83,000 INR

Aug 2020 – 46,300 INR Total revenue: 95,000 INR

Sep 2020 – 50,100 INR Total revenue: 1,05,000 INR

Oct 2020 – 1, 62, 123 INR. Total revenue: 3,06,000 INR

June 2021 – 4, 20,000 INR  Total revenue: 8,00,000 INR [Updated]

How profit is calculated in this case study?

Profit = Total revenue – (Our service charges + Ad spent including GST+ Zoom paid plan for 500 attendees+ ConvertKit subscription)

Now that we know what’s working and whatnot, we are targeting 10 lacs INR profit in a single month; that’s the goal!
If you want a result like this for your business, contact us here.
Thank you!


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4 thoughts on “How We Made 4,20,000+ INR Nett Profit for Indian Education Client Last Month? (Case Study)”

  1. Am I reading it correctly or there’s something I missed. The amount spent on ads is about 16 lacs and the revenue is about 8 lacs. That looks like a loss, please enlighten me. Thanks

    1. 8 lacs in 6 months and only on Instamojo. Also, I have written these lines in the article – ” Unfortunately, I can’t share all revenue screenshots as we use multiple payment methods to receive payment such as Instamojo, GooglePay, PhonePe. However, I am at least sharing an Instamojo screenshot, otherwise, people will think I am lying lol! “

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