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Use Storytelling or Struggle

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I was getting beaten badly.

2-3 more punches on my mouth and it started bleeding.

They were five guys, and I was all alone.

I fall down.

They were laughing.

The leader said to me, “ Stay away from her. She is mine!”

The moment I heard those words, I went furious. He was going back with his boys and I said, “ Hey, picture abhi baaki hain mere dost”.

The fight was still on.

Even though I was bathed in blood, I still woke up. I don’t know from where I got that energy. Maybe my love for ‘HER’!

I went ahead and slapped the leader. Boom!

It was crystal clear that either he would stay alive or me, but at very moment we heard the siren of Police van and………………… I woke up from a dream.

Damn, my 7 am alarm was ringing badly!

I laughed, and said to myself, “ Filmy Akshay, time to go office!”

During lunch break, I told HER about my dream. She laughed as obvious.

She laughed, I laughed …And I felt like I was the King of the World!!

I am a filmy guy since childhood. I have been reading a lot of storybooks. I have watched a lot of Bollywood movies. And I didn’t realize when did I become a storyteller.

I got to know that when people started telling me, “ Hey, Akshay you are a good storyteller!

And then I didn’t turn back.

Today I attribute storytelling for the majority of my ‘progress’; won’t call it ‘Success’, my parameter of success is damn too high.

Stories are extremely powerful.

It can make you laugh, cry, angry, motivate, and whatnot!

Human is a social animal and he likes to know about others. That’s the reason he likes stories.

Be it our moms doing gossips, dads discussing politics with their friends, or we discussing which Avenger is powerful?

Now that, we know human likes stories and he doesn’t mind spending time knowing it, why not to leverage this fact?

Yes, we can use storytelling in marketing.

You see, there is so much spam in the advertising world.

Open Social Media or Newspaper, you will see ads everywhere. Everyone is trying to sell their products and services. Do you buy everything you see?

I know the answer.

Because nobody likes to get sold in this day and age.

Your potential buyers need a strong reason to buy your product. And even before that, they should trust you.

Because what happens is many brands go overboard and make false promises to attract customers. But alas! Your buyers know this too.

The only option left now is establishing a connection with the audience.

If they know about you already, your job is half done.

To give a practical example, I would like to tell you, Akaybee Media Studios has not run a single advertisement to acquire clients!

Prospects themselves contact me, because either they heard about Akaybee Media or Akshay Borate on Internet.

And how did I do branding?

Simple, by using storytelling.

I create educational content that solves the problems of the audience. But not just that, I use storytelling. Resultantly, I managed to set myself apart from the sea of content creators.

Amul, Dairy Milk, Fevicol, Durex, Coca Cola, and many others are using storytelling in their ad campaigns.

The reason is simple.

They want you to remember them even during your dreams.

Top of mind awareness!

So I would say, adapt to storytelling and implement it in your marketing.

It works like a charm.

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