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Why do we call ourselves the humanized marketing agency?

Humanized marketing agency
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2.5 years ago when I entered digital marketing; I was utterly clueless about this “humanized marketing” thing.

I came across SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Email Marketing, and other digital marketing terminologies.

But it took me a year to know what humanized marketing is!

But better late than never, still, many people don’t know humanized marketing.

You visit our website, Facebook cover, or even Instagram bio for that matter, and you will see “ The Humanized marketing agency in Pune”.

So what does it actually mean?

Why don’t we call ourselves the best digital marketing agency in Pune?

Why not the top or leading agency in Pune?

Why humanized which many don’t even know?

Too many questions and here I am giving you the answer.

Ever since Internet prices become cheaper, digital marketing started booming.

Anybody can become a digital marketer straight from home. 

You will find a digital marketing agency in every corner of the city. 

Well, no offense. The only offensive thing is many people go so gaga over ‘digital’ that they don’t even bother to learn ‘marketing’.

And I am saying this from my personal experience.

I called 5 agencies and talked as a potential customer. 

And guess what?

4 out of 5 agencies were just talking about Facebook and Instagram posts, boosting, blog commenting and many outdated techniques. 

As a founder of Akaybee, I personally believe a ‘digital’ is just a tool. What one should implement is core marketing. 

And more than that ‘humanized’ marketing.

There is too much noise in the marketing.

TV, Newspapers, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, you will see ads everywhere.

There was a time when people used to buy products by seeing ads. 

Those who were first movers fetched a lot of money.

But today in 2020, people are smart. They are fed of watching ads. 

So it’s not like you will spend a massive budget on ads, reach a ton of people and get conversions.

Gone are those days!

Now to sell your product or service, either it should be remarkable, or you should come up with innovative marketing techniques. 

And when I say ‘innovative’, it includes the study of human psychology. 

No, not telling you do pursue PhD, haha!

Try to figure out answers for following questions –

  1. What your target audience actually want? 
  2. Does your product fulfills the demand?
  3. How are you different than competitors?
  4. Why should someone buy from you only?
  5. Are you done with 4 Ps of marketing?

When you find the answers to the above questions, the further process will be more comfortable and effective.

Digital is a platform. 

There are many tutorials available on YouTube.

Anybody can learn it!

But the real marketing requires real skills. 

We at Akaybee don’t charge for operating digital platforms, we charge for marketing strategy! 

When you talk to me or any of our team members, you will never get a feel like a robot explaining to you the process. 

Humanized marketing is human to human and for human!

We talk about your pain points, problems first and then send you a tailor-made strategy specifically made for you. 

I don’t know how many agencies send video proposals instead of passive PDF, but we do.

Because Video proposal talks! 

In this noisy market where everyone is trying to become number 1 or the best, we have distinguished ourselves as the ‘humanized’ agency. 

Because not claims, but work speaks for itself. 

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