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Please don’t hire us, we don’t deserve

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No, our site is not hacked. I am serious!

I know usually, companies write on why should you choose us? Even I have written some articles on this topic.

But this time I am only saying please don’t hire us. Because …….. Well, please read the whole article to know the entire story.

I just saw the digital marketing proposal of one of the agencies which my friend who just joined as a fresher in that agency sent me. It made me feel so sad and angry at the same time. Angry, because companies are looting clients. Sad, because clients are choosing wrong companies and losing money.

Coming back to the proposal, it contained some random 12 posts, 15 posts, 20 posts packages. Besides that, terminologies like “ SEO tagging”, ( WTF is SEO tagging?) I asked my friend, you are promising so many things in these packages, are your team really doing it?

He said, no way! We do only social media posting. 

Well, this is not the first time. I have seen hundreds of companies doing it. Of course, I mind my own business and don’t usually prefer talking about it, but now it’s high time to reveal the truth.

Don’t Hire Us If You Want Ordinary

I run a company. I have to look after so many expenses such as employee salaries, software expenses, office rent etc. Therefore, as a founder, I must get a positive cash flow. For this to happen, I must take every other client coming my way, right? Never. 

We always prefer to work with clients who trust us, who believe in us. It’s been just 1.3  years since we started Akaybee Media Studios and our longest retained client is since 10 months and still counting. That kind of work we do! 

So, if someone comes to us and asks us for only social media posting, we are unlikely to accept that client unless they have an in-house team to do other marketing activities. 

At Akaybee Media Studios, we believe in empathy. We know the struggles of start-ups. As a marketing agency, we are responsible to grow the business of our clients, not just random social media posts. Now some of you may say, but Akshay, how is brand awareness possible without posting?

No, I am not denying the importance of social media posting. But, it’s a secondary part and helpful only when you do it along with “money-making activities”. 

Let me give you an example.

Consider, there is a travel business.

Agency A is doing some creative social media posts including festival posts and simply boosting it. Some agencies don’t even boost.

Agency B or let’s say we at Akaybee, are also creating posts but besides that, we are running lead generation campaigns too. Also, we are in touch with the telecalling team of a client to know what kind of leads they are getting, what type of questions leads ask, whether the client’s team is rightly answering the calls or not.  

Based on the data and feedback received, again we made the right changes to campaigns, landing pages, and sales pitch of client’s telecallers. Soon, that travel business started to get some decent profit.

Now tell me, which process looks genuine marketing effort?

I haven’t even gone in-depth, still you can sense this is what marketing is!

Not only us but all those agencies who put real efforts into marketing in order to grow customer’s business, I have tremendous respect for them!

It’s not an easy task.

I am writing this blog post, it’s easy. Because I know what I want to write, I am the only decision-maker here. I can write whatever I want.

The same goes for website creation, graphic designing and content writing. The output is in our hands! 

But when it comes to marketing, nothing is fixed .. There are so many factors you need to study. It’s not like you kidnap your client’s potential customers and took money from them in order to get the profit. (Okay, bad joke!)

Your job as a marketing agency is, doing work so good that, client’s customers will opt for their service or product on their will. So basically, you are in the game of “ psychology”. Without meeting them, you have to win customers seating in your office, that difficult yet super exciting it is!

The anger/disappointment I expressed above over that agency is because of a casual approach. Not only agencies are like that but some clients too.

They are very rigid and want agencies to be their puppet. We never shy away to reject such clients. As mentioned, marketing is a dynamic activity. Nothing is fixed. Therefore, to tackle this, you need the freedom to experiment. 

At Akaybee Media Studios, we follow one principle – 

“ Give us the required freedom and relax. We will bring profit to the table. Because that’s what our real duty is!”

Want an example? Read this case study.

But if you think that you know better than us, then please don’t hire us because we don’t deserve to work with you and we may contact you again once we improve ourselves.

But if you want real growth and understand how marketing works, then we are dying to work with you, really! 

Thanks for reading. Want to discuss a project? You can contact us here.

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4 thoughts on “Please don’t hire us, we don’t deserve”

  1. Thanks for writing this awesome article!

    Yes, its sad that many people are out there exploiting the newbies or newly startups who knows next to nothing about social media marketing. Soon the market will be spoilt just like it has been for network marketing decades back.

    Business is all about integrity and honesty. In every basket of apples, you will find a handful of rotten one! It’s the same, whether you are in an online or offline business.

    End day, the company that provides the most value-added services and solutions will survive.

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