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Interview with Kait LeDonne

Interview with Kait LeDonne – A Personal Branding Expert

Hello all. I am Akshay Borate, the founder of Akaybee Media Studios, a humanized digital marketing agency in Pune. So, a couple of days ago, I got an opportunity to interview Kait LeDonne. Kait is a personal branding expert based in New York, and she runs a company called LeDonne Brands. Besides this, she also runs a program called The Influence Academy. Her knowledge in personal branding and social media… Read More »Interview with Kait LeDonne – A Personal Branding Expert

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How We Generated 200+ Leads for an Educational Institute (Case Study)

I am a huge believer of education and always love to work with education clients. Last year, through the podcast (The Marathi Podcast) I co-host, we got this lead. I knew that Team Akaybee make it happen. Hence I immediately gave my nod. The work started, and within a month, we delivered 200+ high- quality leads. Now I am writing this case study to showcase how we did it? Note: Can’t… Read More »How We Generated 200+ Leads for an Educational Institute (Case Study)

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8 Popular Types of Content

Content Marketing improves branding. Content Marketing influences purchase decisions. Content Marketing sets you apart from the competition. But, man, how to go ahead with content marketing? Can you at least tell us the types of content marketing? Okay, okay, calm down! In this blog post, we will see the popular types of content marketing through which you can kick start your content marketing campaign. What if I tell you that… Read More »8 Popular Types of Content

what is content marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Last week our company acquired 3 new clients. I was super busy directing my team and suddenly I got a call. I took a while and received it and regretted that why I did receive, man! The call was from a web hosting company and a ‘human’ telecaller asked me in a ‘robotic’ way that if I’m interested in buying their web-hosting. I maintained composure and said no. In reality,… Read More »What is Content Marketing?